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  • Visa charges
  • Tips
  • Excess Baggage
  • Airport Taxes
  • Any kind of extra charges or charges otherwise duly specified

A 10 % deposit will be paid at the time of making the booking. The balance must be paid 20 days prior to the departure date. All prices are based on current rates and, as such, are liable to modifications without prior notice

The following percentages of the total amount of the purchase will be withheld

a- Between 45 and 31 days prior to the beginning of the services: 25 %
b- Between 14 and 7 days prior to the beginning of the services: 75 %
c- Less than 7 days prior to the beginning of the services: 100 %

Fairs, exhibitions and other events have special cancellation policies. We ask passengers to make specific enquiries in each case.

Complaints must be submitted in writing, together with the certification of the service provider, within 30 days of the completion of the services. After such period, Organizacion Piamonte will not accept any complaint whatsoever.

For every complaint made under any cause, both the passenger and the organizer will submit to the jurisdiction or ordinary courts of the city of Buenos Aires . The act of enrolment to take part in any of the trips implies the full acceptance of all general conditions here established.

Check-in time starts at 3 pm of the contracted day and finishes at 10 am of the day set for departure. If arrivals are programmed for a time earlier than 3 pm , the room may not be facilitated until then. Should a passenger wish to prolong his or her stay after departure time, he or she must notify the decision in reception and directly pay for the additional stay to the hotel.

The hotel categories reflected in this website are the official categories provided by the Tourism Bureaus of the country where they operate, and their provision and control are administrative. The organizer will not be held responsible for the criteria ruling such controls and provisions.

If the passenger contracts accommodation in triple rooms, he or she agrees to know that, in most hotels triple rooms do not exist as such. Triple rooms are double rooms with an additional bed. The space and comfort limitations implied by such accommodations are accepted by the clients. Neither the hotel nor the organizer will be held responsible for this concept.

All luggage exceeding a normal suitcase per person will be accepted only if the capacity of the vehicle allows it and according to the criterion of the guide or transport company.

The luggage is not the object of the transport contract. Therefore, the passenger is asked to permanently keep it, no matter where in the vehicle it is allocated. The luggage is transported by the passenger under his full responsibility. The Organizer will not be held contractually responsible for any kind of loss or damage that it may suffer.

Every passenger is responsible for complying with the regulations concerning valid passport, visas and other necessary requirements. The Organizer will not be held responsible for the rejection of visas carried out by authorities as a result of not complying with the requirements, or for defects in passports. All charges will be fully paid for by the passenger, applying in such cases the conditions established in “Cancellations”

The right is reserved by the Organizer and service provider companies to alter the itinerary or hotels, if such decisions were deemed indispensable for a better organization of the trip or in cases beyond the control of this Organization.

The Organizer will not be held responsible for delays, earlier departures or cancellations carried out by air companies or transport companies. All charges originated by such events will be fully met by passengers. If excursions did not reach the minimum number of passengers or if due to any other justified cause, the Organizer had to cancel any of the trips, the passengers will have the sole right to claim for the full reimbursement of such services, not having the right to any other claim. Should any member of the groups display inappropriate behaviour, with evident disturbance of the other members of the group, the service provider can demand this person to leave the excursion. The passenger will not have any right to claim for the loss of service or for charges originated by this action.

The clients who voluntarily decide not to make use of any service included in the program will not have any right to claim for any kind of reimbursement.

Organizacion Piamonte S.A. – Legajo 2268 – explicitly states that it acts solely as intermediary between travelers and entities or persons in charge of providing the services indicated in the itineraries, that is to say, transport companies, hotels, restaurants, etc. Therefore, it will not be held responsible for defects in any of the provided services, as well as for any accident, damage, injury, delay or irregularities that may originate during the provision of the services to the passengers and their luggage.

When transport is carried out in buses owned or rented by the organizer, the passenger submits himself to the national legislation regarding road accidents in which the vehicle is licensed, not having any other possible right. Therefore, indemnities will be paid to the beneficiaries or legal representatives in the country where the vehicle is licensed and in the currency of the country.

Neither the Organizer nor the transport companies taking part in these tours will be held responsible for any act, omission or irregularity that may originate during the period of time when the passengers are not on board the vehicles.

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